Industry-Standard Product Partners

Innovative Communications of Utah uses top-quality product in our installations. Learn more about our product partners below.

click here Panduit is a global manufacturer committed to innovation and excellence. We have continually lived up to that commitment with the help of superior people, leading edge technology & equipment and future-oriented management. Today, Panduit is recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-quality products for wiring and communications applications. We are also known for innovative products that offer maximum reliability at the lowest total installed cost. This reputation gives us a powerful advantage in today's competitive worldwide marketplace.
Leviton. Leviton Network Solutions is a division of Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc., a world-renowned corporation specializing in the design, development, and production of electrical and telecommunications wiring devices with a successful 100-year history. We are dedicated to producing complete copper, fiber, and wireless connectivity solutions for enterprise, data center, and service provider networks. Because we know network excellence is critical to you, we do everything we can to be sure our products and services will meet and exceed your every need.

INNOVATION: Leviton has been inventing the electrical and electronic technologies that drive our industry. Exclusive copper and fiber connectivity footprints, performance-boosting circuitry, and Zero-U patching solutions are just a few of Leviton Network Solutions' contributions to this industrial leadership.

EXPERTISE: We believe service comes in many forms. With expert technical support, dedicated specification engineering, sales and support teams, and the Leviton Certification program, we help our customers truly understand how and when to use our products in this rapidly developing industry.

QUALITY: We have a commitment to continuous improvement. To achieve that goal, our manufacturing and engineering functions are consistently monitored and perfected through the use of quality assurance tools such as Six Sigma Quality Improvement and ISO 9001-2000 Standards, plus UL, ETL and extensive in-house testing.
click here Hubbell Premise Wiring is a global manufacturer of structured cabling systems, enclosures and accessories, providing intelligent infrastructure solutions that provide today's enterprise with a competitive edge. Our focus is on delivering product innovation, technology, quality, and customer service excellence.

Hubbell's extensive end-to-end product offering includes high-performance connectivity and cabling systems, PoE Midspan solutions, racks, cabinets, raceway and delivery systems, cable management accessories, and fiber optic products for commercial, industrial, and residential environments.